May 10, 2022

Whether you feel like the walls are closing in on you or you’re simply in need of an interior touch-up, creating space is one of the best ways to enhance your home with the open airiness you’ve been missing. Here are our top tips… 

Exposed Leg Furniture And Low Pieces 


Although decluttering seems the obvious suggestion, one of the main reasons your home feels tight or chaotic is that you’re holding onto items that you may not want or need. Stripping back a few decorative items makes room for your favourites to be displayed and draws greater emphasis to them. Decluttering means simplifying and the more you minimise the bulk in your home, the more you can maximise your living space.  

Multifunctional Pieces 

The more function you can get out of one single piece of furniture, the better! Desks with built-in draws or shelves, nests of tables or seats and tables with storage compartments are all great examples of optimizing the practicality of your living space without the clutter.

Wall Mounting And Hanging 

If your kitchen workspace feels tight, hanging pots and pans, utensils and cutting boards will free up some room and is a great way to design with functionality. Mounting TVs, fireplaces and vanities to the wall will create a focal point for the room and throws out the need for bulky furniture to take up unnecessary space.  

Large But Simple 

When choosing artwork and decor, larger pieces enhance the space much better than an array of small items, which only tighten the room. 

Stow Away Spaces 

For seamless storage, burrow into the walls behind doors and along small passages to create cabinets and make full use of empty space. Paint them the same colour as your walls so that they harmonise perfectly with the background.  

Choose Your Colour Palette 

Create a sense of harmony in your home by coordinating colours and patterns. The equilibrium of shades and tones will give your furnishings the purposeful appearance that everything is in its right place and no space is being wasted. Don’t underestimate the power of neutral colours in small spaces, as bright colours can overwhelm the room and enhance that chaotic, cluttered feeling.

Glossy Paint And Shiny Surfaces 

Dark and matte paint will absorb light while glossy, light colours will reflect light, this creates an overall feeling of more space and airiness. Welcome as much light in as possible with reflective surfaces, good lighting is the difference between tight rooms with dark corners and wide lit-up spaces.  

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